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Valentine’s Day Cooking: Typical Dutch Style

Amber Cornelissen

Are you dating a Dutchie? Do you have a sweetheart who loves the Dutch cuisine? Or are you yourself an enormous fan of the Dutch culture and everything it has to offer? The reason doesn’t matter because we have the best cooking ideas for you and your Dutch valentine.

A beautiful tray of cheese

This isn’t really a recipe, but it’s something that you can’t miss out on if you want to have a Dutch valentine’s day. Cheese is what the Dutch people live for, which is what you’ll know if you’re a Dutchie yourself. It’s up to you to find the best sorts of Dutch cheeses and display them on the most beautiful tray you can find. Gouda and Edam cheeses shouldn’t miss from this board. You can add some goat cheese and even some grapes.

Dutch mussels

Mussels may not be the first kind of meal you think of when you think of Valentine’s day dinner, but Dutch mussels are delicious and are great for feeding to each other. On top of this, they are known to be an aphrodisiac, which makes them completely perfect for Valentine’s day. To make matters even better, mussels are in season during February, so you will be able to get them fresh as well. A very Dutch way to serve these mussels would be with fries and mayonnaise, but this may feel a bit too casual for you. In that case, you can always create a delicious salad and serve this salad.

Chocolate will always do the trick

This may not be particularly Dutch, but chocolate is one sort of food that can’t miss from Valentine’s day, not if you want to craft the perfect Valentine’s day dinner. One thing you would be able to make as a dessert if the cheese isn’t the food of choice for your sweetheart is chocolate mousse. But there are so many more sorts of desserts you can craft with chocolate. You could, for example, make your own chocolate hearts. This is not difficult at all but it will look very pretty and if your partner loves chocolate then they will be more than happy with this recipe.

Dutch butter biscuits and coffee

Few things are more Dutch than butter biscuits, so you have to include them if you want to celebrate Valentine’s day the Dutch way. One amazing way to use your Dutch butter biscuits is by decorating all of them and giving them as a present in a beautifully decorated. This would be the perfect gift to give right after dinner and surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with. If you are going to serve the cookies then there is one kind of drink you should forget, which is two mugs of coffee. The Dutch love drinking coffee right after dinner, and if this isn’t exciting enough for you then you can always make yourself an Irish coffee or an Italian coffee to spice things up.

If you use all of the foods mentioned above then you are certain to have an amazing Dutch valentine with a lot of delicious food. The Dutch make a lot of good food, although you wouldn’t say so at first, they make some of the best desserts and candy in the entire world. And when you or your sweetheart is from the Netherlands then this will only make Valentine’s day extra special. You can show them how much effort you make to try and give them something from your home country. In the end, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself and the most important thing is that both of you should have fun.

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