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Instagram Food Photography Contest

Sonja Risteski

Let's Explore Food: How do you choose?

What causes you to stumble upon sight over smell or taste over touch when choosing the best food?

Cook Social started with the mission to connect foodies with cooks without any boundary of creed, country, and culture. We in the Cook Social community, welcome everybody willing to share their common passion for food. We have started recently a Photography Contest in Instagram for foodies and cooks all around the world.


Cook Social Instagram Food Photography Contest Guidelines

1. Follow us @cooksocial. Click:

2. Post the photo for the contest participation in your instagram wall with #CookSocial, write local and English name of the Recipe, one sentence about the history of the recipe and how (with rice, side dish, salad, or with hot soup etc.) and when (festival or winter time or summer time etc..) it is consumed, ingredient listing for the recipe is optional.

3. TAG us the photo.

4. We will then repost with your consent mentioning your Instagram account.

5. The photo with highest likes wins $50.

6. Share with your friends and followers @@@ and let them know about your participation in the food photography contest and request them to like your photo (reposted photo in our wall @cooksocial, because we count the number of likes in the reposted photo).

7. NO plagiarism !

8. If cooking and photo taken are done by different individuals, please include them as image courtesy or something else @their name/ Instagram account.

9. Please share with your friends and families!

***Prize Money is sent through Paypal only.

We are also doing research on different culinary areas, food psychology, sensory, safety, nutrition, and also machine learning too. We encourage you to participate in our future surveys. Please help us in our studies.

Cook Social Food Photography Contests so far

September Theme: Best Appetizer Recipe Contest

September Contest Winner:

Caprese Chicken Recipe

We received so many different country cuisines from all over the world and they all look so yummy 😋 ! Here are some of the participants and their submissions for September.

Avocado Stuffed with Seafood Salad

Braised Black Cherry Smoked Wild Boar Belly, Honey Crisp Apple Fennel Slaw

Monkfish Popcorn with Potato

Bagel Chips with Tuna Mayo with Quail's Egg, Salmon Roe and Fennel Fronds

August Theme: Best National Cuisine Contest

August Contest Winner:

Maftool Recipe

We Hear You

We received a direct message in Instagram from a person. She had an advice for us for the Food Photography Contest. Well, we embedded her request in our forthcoming contests.

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October Contest Theme:

Best Side Dish Recipe to go with Beer

Can't wait to see your awesome submissions.

Any comments, suggestions you may have, please don't hesitate to reach us out.

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