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Calorie Behind Color: What Food Bloggers Are Really Showcasing?

Alexandra Fasulo (

Thanks to the increasing popularity of digital visual content today, owed to Instagram, Snapchat, blogging platforms, and more, food blogging is a new type of journalistic spin on the food we know and love. Tapping into a sense of community that revolves around a basic human necessity, eating, food blogging is capitalizing from the universal interest, and sometimes, obsession in food.

Since food bloggers are writing and posting about something as broad and vague as food today, there are little industry standards of which they are held against. Platforms like,, and more are definitely doing their part to normalize food blogging in a way that will produce some standards in the years to come.

But that leaves us with an important question in the meantime: What are food bloggers really showcasing today?

Food bloggers are accumulating significant attention on social media. For example, Chase Bailey, a 13-year-old food blogger with autism, has accumulated more than 200,000 views on his YouTube page. Then there’s Madeleine Shaw, author of cookbook Get The Glow, who has over 250,000 Instagram followers and 40,000 followers on Twitter.

These bloggers are morphing into a new kind of food blogging celebrity today: the social influencer. They are able to influence consumer choice and decision through their content, whether it’s in the form of blogs, vlogs, videos, Live Videos, or photographs. Clearly, the market for food bloggers is here and welcoming these social celebrities with open arms.

What are they really showcasing?

It’s always important to sit back and analyze what content you’re being fed online today. There’s been rampant evidence of fake news reporting from just about every news outlet, which means your favorite food bloggers are probably following a similar path unbeknownst to you.

Food bloggers are glamorizing food in exchange for your attention, community support, and potential finance investment. Think of the calories behind the color. Color comes first today. It’s the first thing you see on Instagram and choose to “follow.” It’s the easy deception that catches your eye and leaves you wanting more. These food bloggers are baiting you with colors and shapes that they know will pander to their ideal audience.

What they’re really showcasing is beautiful, perfect aesthetic that makes your mouth water from a visual.

What about calorie?

Exactly, what about calorie? Calorie is being left in the dust as our society places more emphasis on the physical appearance. Composition is second best. Your favorite recipes may look beautiful, but are they actually good for you? Since food bloggers aren’t really being held accountable for their posts and content quality today, it’s up to you to consider the calorie and health question aside from what you’re absorbing online.

Do your due diligence

There are always calories behind colors. It’s not a happy reality, but it’s a reality nonetheless. Food bloggers are really showcasing an aesthetic, not a taste or a healthy composition. You can still follow and obsess over your favorite bloggers, but realize that there’s a depth of reality beneath those beautiful blog photos.


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